Honesty ~ A Repost From The Vault

I wanted to share an older post and found this one from 8 December 2013. I don’t remember writing or publishing it. It wasn’t tagged and it seems not a soul saw it.

I do remember now that it was almost three months to the day that I broke up with the Narcissist. Seems I was just beginning to unravel myself from the cocoon that had been woven around me.

The words stand. From this stronger place and going forward. Honesty is everything.


In retrospect, all I can say in bring honesty to a relationship
Don’t let your fear of what someone will think give you permission to not bring your true self to the table
Disguises don’t allow the bond to happen, your focus is all on appearance
You will come to resent the person you are wearing the mask for
They will never know where your anger comes from or why
When it is not they that expect it but you who won’t allow them fully in
What happens is that all the emotional investment you make in maintaining the illusion
Bleeds out of the relationship that you want so badly
All the hours and days spent in hiding, rearranging, chess-like moves and fighting
Could have been spent on loving, sharing, bonding
Don’t let a perception become your reality
Your past is past, it doesn’t define you necessarily
Someone who loves you won’t care who you slept with before
They will care that you are bringing your full and best self to them now
Don’t let the past unnecessarily shackle your present
Don’t let your fear of the unknown hijack your future
How I wish someone had told you these things long ago…
~ kei
8 December 2013


You are so cold
A frostbitten soul

Me, frantic incandescent
Trying to warm us both

On embers of visions
And flames of memories

You are beyond my heat
Frigid, rigid, crystallized

This expedition is a failure
I’m no match for the elements

Erebus’ dreams flicker out
Crushed in your icy, uncaring grip

Sinking to crystalline depths
Preserved in icy midnight

A frozen spark of hope lost
In the Arctic of your soul

~ kei
28 October 2015

Don’t Wake Me

This teasing caress of your hands…
A day and night of magic, no words, no inhibitions
Dawn just barely illuminates the cocoon of my room
Your shadowed shade beyond my unwilling eyelids
Unwilling to break this spell you’ve woven
Preferring the candlelit illumination of last night
The inevitable reunion of soul mates
An explosive release of pent-up desires and emotions
Spilled, bitten, grasped, pushed, tossed, kissed, caressed
Memories of sinewy youthful bodies and perfect flesh
Melding and transmuting into the strength of bodies tested
Tattooing a new pattern onto the familiar beloved tender places
Words whispered, familiar and foreign in your stranger’s voice
Breathed against my ear with remembered intimacy, stealing my breath
Unhinging my knees with a kiss that is the lost key
The one to unlock the Pandora’s Box we buried together long ago
Your sweet mouth, your strong hands, my body is yours to command
Just don’t wake me, let me stay here forever
Let me live in this fierce tenderness
Let me exist only in your chocolate eyes
In the shelter of your arms
With no more separations
No more goodbyes

~ kei
28 September 2015

Coupled Sleeping Morning

Luminous ~ Acrostic XI

From “Eclectic Unconfined” ~ mature content and 18+ readers only SVP

ight caresses each angle of your body

mber swathes glinting on pecan

y heart clutches in pain at such beauty

ncandescence captures me

ext to you I am bathed in a glow

ne that captivates, your scent entices

pon these silken sheets

hining desire, silken sweat… Luminous

~ kei
20 September 2015

Shivers sitting man

Sirena Armenia

I swim through palest amber glow


Romancing The Stoned

I swam in your blood a long time ago

You remain in my veins always

Me, captured in amber memories

Coquina-like in the ocean of my soul

Could I be blamed for submerging here

Within a nautilus of love, desire, and total submission

Could I be blamed for reaching out just one more time

Could the ocean be blamed for returning to the shore

Should I be shamed for crashing myself here

Unto the only shore, into the only arms

That ever were strong enough to receive

Wild enough to conceive

Of a coalescence as primal as the earth’s

Own conception



~ kei
19 September 2015


That face…

Oh! That beautiful face…

I am dry of mouth, fevered of skin, wet with desire

Just from this glance, this precipice

I dance over colour, black and white

Frisson takes me at the involuntary touch

Of my own tongue to my sensitive lips

That kiss!

Intoxicated by that kiss!

And I would be remiss to not mention

My heart skipped a beat at the thought

We are even more well matched

In Kodak and pixels

Desaturations deconstructing boundaries





~ kei
12 September 2015


Wordless do I slip away

Helpless to the currents of mundanities

Heartbeat slowing

Blood cooling

Slower flowing

Clinging to a fragment of debris

One buoyant sliver of hope

To survive

To arrive

Still alive

Washed by silken waves

Suspended in salty warmth

In the ocean of  desire

~ kei
9 September 2015

Found on Tumblr via Pinterest.

Found on Tumblr via Pinterest.