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©Karin Bole Tupper

©Karin Bole Tupper


What is it draws me to you?
You are less the proverbial flame
Me even less the moth
You’re more like the edge of an abyss
That I can’t resist jumping off

My thoughts circle themselves
Effortlessly returning to you
It crept up, this compulsion
Growing in the core of me
Now screaming for attention

Crazy words spill from my lips
Recklessness from fingertips
To write those predilections
You opened that door again
I crave a hit of an old addiction

Thoughts of you stroke that want
Raging now like wildfire
Is this what you wanted? You win
I mainlined the last words you wrote
It’s up to you to cure my jonesin’

~ kei
27 June 2015

Let Me Be

In the morning’s light I come to you
Sitting by your side and reaching
Gently brushing unruly curls from your brow
Marvelling at the sweep of eyelash on your cheeks
The amber-lit depths of your teak eyes
Bathing me in sleepy love and want
Letting my touch skim the architecture of your body
My caresses guided by your heart beat
Every breath a wordless sign, here, there and now here
I savour the salt taste of your skin under my mouth
Each shudder of your breath as my lips find secret places
And my hands take you to sacred spaces deep in your mind
The hollowed dip at crest of hip, the sinew straining in your thighs
Trembling under this teasing pressure, unrelenting pleasure
Feeling our pulse quickening in unison, sweet anticipation
Take me in your strong hands now and lead me
Guide me deep within your soul
Let me be every answer to your unspoken wishes, dreams and desires
In this misty, morning light

~ kei
2 June 2015

Coupled AM Awakening


It’s not you, it’s me, it’s not that, it’s this…

Maybe words can’t break you
But they can sure as hell shake you
And Baby, I’ve been tossed
So heedlessly crossed
Off your list of pure perfection
I was abused
And I’ve been bruised
By the absence of your affection
No, no, it wasn’t your fault
That’s what makes it even worse
That there is no one to blame
Just my youthful self’s curse
What could be worse than this
To know I’m never missed
That I won’t taste your kiss
Waiting patiently in this turmoil
From this sunrise to that sunset
Seeing a beautiful inevitable
A serendipity neither of us will forget
How blind can you be
How foolish, can’t you see
That I am the the only lock
To your stubbornly guarded key

~ kei
25 May 2015

The Key Of We


Is it best to keep a little mystery
Let music and rhyme set us free

Is everything it seems to be
Am I her, is she Me

Spin a little fantasy

Does truth lie in the poetry
Do mundane updates hold veracity

When you push the button
To friend request me

What is it that you want to see?

~ kei
24 May 2015

Verdigris View

Verdigris View


I want you to be my lover
I want you to come to me

I was waiting for that email
For what seemed like an eternity

You’re that bit of unfinished business
The one I let go with much regret

I’ve thought of you from time to time
Were you the one I should have kept

Years later you make contact
Like a hurricane out of the blue

Those memories were stirring
You were thinking about me too

Just a few words and phrases
Sent liquid lightning through my veins

Rousing long forgotten synapses
To fire that rhythm once again

Every silent minute is a lifetime
I’m all shook up, anticipating

If you’re scared, then I am too
Don’t run and hide now, I’m here waiting

Have you any idea what you do to me
This is a firestorm you’ve ignited

If you want us, come to me
Don’t let this feeling go unrequited

~ kei
28 January 2014