You are so cold
A frostbitten soul

Me, frantic incandescent
Trying to warm us both

On embers of visions
And flames of memories

You are beyond my heat
Frigid, rigid, crystallized

This expedition is a failure
I’m no match for the elements

Erebus’ dreams flicker out
Crushed in your icy, uncaring grip

Sinking to crystalline depths
Preserved in icy midnight

A frozen spark of hope lost
In the Arctic of your soul

~ kei
28 October 2015

Petites Pensées

Where do these rules of communication come from?
I am hamstrung by the fear of being perceived as “desperate”

Odd that. There is no lack of men or women I can talk too

It’s just that there is constant disquiet in my brain
The face it wears is yours and the eyes are so sad

Fey thoughts? This is me and so perhaps

If I reach out to you unbidden am I desperate?
Intuition says it’s the right thing to do

Why do I care about how it’s perceived?

Meanwhile, convention keeps me second guessing
While perception shackles my pen


~ kei
9 February 2014

Petites Pensées

I know you don’t read here and yet I feel compelled to try to reach you…

Is this all there is?

You waited all these years to speak
Don’t hide now

Call it for a misstep. You know you’re forgiven
Don’t let foolish pride stay your hand

Life doesn’t grant second chances very often
Don’t waste the gift

~ kei
4 February 2014

That Winter

The room was cold, god knows the last time they’d been able to pay the heating bill.
Winter had claimed Toronto for her own while they slept.
He had woken first, cold because she had stolen the better part of the one thin blanket on their bed.
When he wrapped himself round her to share it, the first slivers of dawn slanted through the frost glazed window.
Brilliant, cold and beautiful, creating Chantilly lace patterns across the bare floor of their room.
His artist’s heart ached with the beauty of it, this exquisite gift from December and he felt hope stir again.
It had been absent for a very long while…
He looked down at her, gently brushed the errant curls out of her eyes, whispered her name.
When she opened her eyes, a sleepy reproof on her lips; he touched a finger to them and gently turned her face to the curtainless window.
She stared for a moment and then swung her legs over the side of the bed, excited as a child, exclaiming “Oh! So beautiful!”
“Yes, beautiful”, he thought as he looked at her silhouetted against the light, and he stood, grabbing the blanket from the bed.
Walking up behind her, he wrapped the blanket round the two of them, holding her tight as she leaned her head back onto his shoulder.
They had been both cold and hungry for the last two nights. But held by each other in the sun, everything was beautiful and all was endless possibilities.
Holding tight to his arm circling her waist, she reached to trace a heart in the frost on the window.
He in turn, ran his fingers down her arm, and took her hand in his. Bringing it to his lips, he pressed a kiss to her fingertips.
The touch of his mouth caused shivers that had nothing to do with the cold…
Then he reached their hands together to the glass and wrote their initials inside the heart. “P &  K” 4VR.
And she believed him…

~ kei

Previously published in Every Picture Tells A Story by Karin Bole Tupper… sometimes winter isn’t all bad…

Heart In Frost Window

Demeter’s Dreams

There are moments when winter looks so warm and perfect and right
I forget the cold, the aching, the bitter wind
I really look at the beauty around me
Seeing that there is a gift to be received from this the most barren of the seasons
It’s almost as though Demeter has gently exhaled upon the twigs and trees and shrubs
And that her breath is a frosty white blanket, gently tucking the earth in and saying:
Sleep well my most treasured possessions. Sleep and awake with my precious Persephone
Sleep now and wake with renewed beauty and vigour to gladden mankind’s heart
Sleep until she returns to warm my heart again…

© KeiB 19 December 2011

Winter Relents

Winter Relents


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Imminent Winter

The furnace ticks down waning warmth
Keeping rhythm with my hibernating heartbeat
Wind and rain have taken most of the leaves already
Bare branches look like skeleton fingers against the sky
A sure sign that winter is coming

I was born in the crown jewel of Winter’s dwelling places

And she’s become such a bitch these last few years
Makes my bones ache and feel brittle from ice acrobatics
Everything will be cold, brown and grey. We’ll long for her
Until she deigns to cover it with snow. Cold beauty, it’s just a ruse
It’ll be pretty for a while and then she’ll get temperamental

Exquisite as all stories of The Snow Queen

All icy and stormy and making it hard to breathe
Through lungs that feel crystallized on the intake
As miserable as a jealous ex-girlfriend, snarky and sneaky
Clingy and showing up when you least expect her; like in April
Frigidly angry that you’ve fallen in love with Spring…

~ kei
22 October 2011