The marauder withdrew. Occasional flaming arrows or signature attack – a trojan horse variant – were vivid reminders that he enjoyed subjugation as much as decimation.

So it began; a placing of stones. Slowly at first, then rising high and sturdy until a wall – impenetrable, unassailable – surrounded the one treasure that remained unsullied.


These arms around me, this shoulder for my head
Strong back, long legs that steady as my intentions tumble down
A silent cacophony, rushing madly, lightning and surging

Examining this exultation amidst the rubble, I understand
This kiss that I’d thought was a long ago echo
Has become here and now

My heart’s Jericho

~ keib
18 December 2016


It’s not you, it’s me… Again. Again, I’m so far behind that I think I’m first, and the only remedy that works for me is ‘delete all’ from the Inbox. I’m sorry to be missing your posts but I just can’t keep up anymore.

It’s spring, I’m a little manic panic and downsizing again for sanity and ADD/OCD’s sake. Some of you will notice that I’m no longer on Twitter or Google+ and I feel better already. Streamlining my social media to manageable and rewarding has been on my ‘to do’ list for a while – it’s simply too frantic-making for an Introvert like me, not to mention a chore with little return.

I’ll be around here, just letting you know about the other two sites. Have a wonderful week!

~ kei
20 March 2016

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Deaf Ears

Whatever happened to the boys of my youth
Specifically you, if I’m telling the truth

I can accept the changes that Life and aging brings
Not so much the difference in fundamental things

From conversations that went well into the night
Sharing ideas and theories like a burning light

To a taciturn coldness and gruff demeanour
You wear ill manners just like it’s your armour

The hardest thing of all that I have to swallow
Is how the change in you leaves me feeling hollow

You inspired me to be the very best I can
Yet you’ve become a jaded, middle-aged man

Closed off by arrogance or misconception
Rebuffing friendship or the mildest affection

Once omnipotent in your positive influence on me
Now just impotent and cynical is all that I see

~ kei
5 October 2015

Go, if go you must.

Found on Internet, not credited


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

Patina Of My Heart

Reading the piece “Grief” by the beautiful human and talented poet  SouldierGirl, opened an old seam in the fabric of me…


Does my grief equal? Can I speak at all to offer comfort?

Three of my babies were never born

“You’ll have more”

“Better now than when they’re older”

“I would have married you”

Well-intentioned words, with the accuracy of blow darts

My lost angels

I have screamed at the notion that time heals

In the truest sense, it does and it has

I rewove the fibres of my being with those threads missing

Altered by an absence

Fashioning Taj Mahal pockets in my heart

Stitch by careful stitch, day by month by year

I go on


~ kei
28 August 2015

Petites Pensées ~ The 180


Is like moving mountains
Creating life, love, sanity, shelter anew
The hardest part for me

Is watching friends I’ve known my entire life
My haven, joy, support and champions
Those who were the foundation of my life

Walk away from me without a backward glance
As if I were no more important to them
Than a gas station clerk on the highway of their life

~ kei
18 August 2015

A Watcher’s Plea

I didn’t care where I was
But you found your way to me
And I’m glad
You were there
To save me from me

Life leads us along strange paths sometimes
Here you are in my life again
Sharing your hopes, your dreams and fears
As if I’m your closest friend

And you beg me for the comfort
Of the lovers we used to be
Then become so cold and push me away
Risk strangers and act recklessly

You tell me the past is past
And yet, here you are at my door
Demanding my reassurance
That nobody else means more

I know I was sent here to save you
In that you need to trust
There is a reason for everything
I’m sure it’s the reason for us

I can see that sometimes it scares you
Just how much you care for me
But you need to let go of your fear now
And trust your soul to me

I know where you are
But I worry what you do
And I wonder
If I could be there
Could I save you from you?

~ kei
18 June 2015

Broken Wing Angel

Tweaked from the original post: A Watcher’s Sorrow

The Watchers are angels sent to Earth, tasked to watch over certain humans and one of my favourite things to write about.

Here Again Now

I walk to work every day now

Through a neighbourhood that I knew fairly well in my teens

My new neighbourhood and my old haunt

I fancy that echoes of my old self linger here

I see me sometimes

Looking through these eyes instead of hers

Slender, tanned, green eyes and black hair

Standing at the rail looking at the falls

Holding hands with a tall, dark brown-eyed boy

Full of dreams, laughing, singing together

I’m so glad to be back here again

Gathering up scattered pieces of me

Holding them tight to my battered soul

No one can steal what I don’t let go

And when I see her there

My soul it sings

To see the me I was

When I still had wings

~ kei

25 August 2014

Hog's Back Falls by KbT

Hog’s Back Falls by KbT

Petites Pensées

People need to learn to be still and not constantly barrage, impose, force

Every thought that they have on others

There is no need to chirp back to every statement

No need to constantly look for hurt, insult or deeper meaning

When words are left in a good place

A continued stream of snipping, snitting and over-intrepretation

Serves only to further reinforce barriers

When there is a truce

Why continue to agitate for a fight?

~ kei

18 July 2014