Celestial Haiku ~ One

Revisiting this post from two years ago and loving this year’s brilliant full wolf moon from my window.

The Eclectic Poet

I’m kinda diggin’ that my birthday falls on the Full Wolf Moon this year ~ today.

Winter’s Full Wolf Moon
Singing for my beloved
At moonlit midnight

~ kei
13 January 2014

Kateri's Wolf Moon Spirit Kateri’s Wolf Moon Spirit

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Lyrical ~ Sounds Of The Season

Yule and Christmas wouldn’t be complete without certain carols and hymns. Like a lot of us, I have favourites that must be sung by the voices that I remember from childhood.

Here are a few more that are the favourites I’m listening to get me into the celebratory spirit. I’ll bet you’ll love them too!

From Canadian Songstress, Heather Dale, the ‘Huron Carol’. This is Canada’s oldest carol and Heather’s interpretation in Wendat (Huron), French and English, mirrors the bedrock our country was built on. It’s gorgeous!

From the pre-Christian celebration of Yule, ‘The Holly and The Ivy’. This version is by the incomparable Annie Lennox.

This is my all time favourite Christmas carol and it’s been helping people celebrate since the 17th century. This version by Blackmore’s Night is wonderful. Sting does a nice one too.

If I want to be four years old again this is the song. I learned this in junior kindergarten and so did my two bébés, who both attended a French school. Il Est Né, sung by The Chieftains and featuring Kate and Anna McGarrigle – a perfect pairing of Canadian and Irish music.

Last not least, this fabulous version of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ by Pentatonix. I love this so much, I can actually sing along with my bizarre soprana-contralta voice!

Hope you are all slowing, stopping, feeling completely and totally in the moment… this is the time and it wants all of us in it. Love, laugh, celebrate – completely.

~ kei
22 December 2015

Blessed Yule

Another year is closing.

This will be a very different Yule for me. My Dad and my Grandmother are gone, one of my babies is on the west coast, thousands of miles away. There is a new baby in the family – my Nephew’s daughter, just two weeks old and that’s a blessing. She is a beautiful and poignant reminder of how our lives and family connections are all circular.

Wishing all of my friends here a wonderful holiday season. May your observances and celebrations reinforce all the ties that bind and may we all enjoy the gifts of peace, hope and love.

~ kei
21 December 21015

“Midnight Messenger” by Anne Stokes

One Of The Best Days

23 September is my Firstborn’s Birthday

She is a chapter in my heart’s book that will never be finished

It’s My Anniversary!

I’m not sure if I should be stoked to last this long or mad at myself for forgetting and now having to buy me gas station flowers and some Red Bull to… err… celebrate! 😉

Three years WordPress… it’s been wild, wooly, weird and wonderful. I’m still here, still spinning yarns (no pun) and poetically poet-ing.

Thank you all you amazing people who take time from your own day to come and read me. It really does make my day (in the Sally Field way, not the Clint Eastwood way)

Cheers all! You keep me smiling 🙂

Happy Three Years!

Happy Three Years!

Henceforth and Forthwith

I have traded today’s birthday for this one…

(Dances around the kitchen) It’s my birthday… I can trade if I want to… trade if I want to… Oh shit! I think I threw my back… No. No, wait… That was a knee… or maybe… What the heck is that silvery stuff in my hair?!!

Dagnabbit and tarnation!! (I think those are the correct words for this age group???)

Well I’m off to the store to buy flaming skull decals for my walker and orthotics for my Converse Chucks!!

Me Eighteen

Merry Christmas WordPress Family!

I’ll be away like so many of you, enjoying family, friends and all the good stuff that Yule / Christmas celebrations are in my life.

Wishing all of you the joy of the season and the blessings of peace, health and prosperity as this old year wanes.

Ulnuelewi and Pusu’ Puna’ne

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Blessed be

~ kei

24 December 2014

Indian xmas