Petites Pensées ~ Boys…

This dating thing would be so much more intriguing if all the men I see didn’t have more issues than hair… More belly than fire… More relaxed fit jeans than button-fly Levis… More Wife than let’s go to Belize…

~ kei

5 December 2015


Just because I let you in to my head

Stripped myself to show you my scars

Bled every hurt, every ecstasy

From wrists slashed by life

Secrets transformed to this page

And even though I knew you could never understand

Always flitting off after another shade of despair

I won’t be lying here weeping and grieving for you

I have stitched myself back together too many times

This child’s game is far too trivial a slight to break me

You could never understand how I’ve been tempered

Shattered, fired and remoulded in fire and lightning

It’s clear we never did speak the same language…

~ kei
14 July 2015