For Poetry in Motion word prompt ~ Anticipation~ 24 May, 2015 – 30 May, 2015.

Electricity, adrenaline… power lines humming
My body is a tsunami, waiting to happen

Pacing the rooms, the hallways, the sidewalks
My ear tuned to the sound of your engine

Time bends, folds, in a tectonic-like motion
Too slow for this heart; rushing headlong to…

All the air leaves my lungs, I hear nothing but my pulse
The tornado descends, contained in your eyes

And I fall… falling… strings cut… into the endless blue
Into the wind and the rain and the hurricane of you

Desire too long contained
Miles no longer restrain
My Love is home again

~ kei
25 May 2015


The Muse is silent but she doesn’t mind. Among her reveries, she seeks to find. She knows who she was and as yet, still is. Once upon a time he was her world and ever after, she is his.

No new words today. Please enjoy this piece (below) from 2012.

Mentor and Muse II ~ The Artist

~ kei
14 January 2015

Mentor And Muse II – The Artist

A piece from August 2012.

The Eclectic Poet

Paint me with all the colours of your love

Paint me with your lips, fingers and tongue

Trace every line, every curve, upon my body

Trace my skin with your perfect artistry

Stroke so gently with ink-stained hands

Stroke words beseeching and commands

Paint your words of love all over me

Paint our union in tactile poetry

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Workaday Thoughts

I feel your touch everywhere
In the precious ache that stays with me all day
Reminding me that you’ve shared my body
In the shape of sweet love bruises that make me smile
In the taste of you that I savour lingering on my tongue
You are in me, on me and all around me
When I crave you, when hunger is all I feel
I remember these things
And then the waiting from morning’s kiss goodbye
To the evening’s welcome home hug
Seems slightly more bearable
If only for the deferred happiness
That I know is waiting for me
At home
With you

~ kei
22 May 2014

A Painter's Hands

Petites Pensées

Sometimes, there just aren’t words adequate, poetical, descriptive, evocative enough…

And so… As yet I occupy this space. Somewhere between reality and a dream

A dream that is made manifest in my life and in my heart and in my soul

Reality that is so achingly beautiful, it’s hard to comprehend

I have only the language of us at the moment. My poetry has flown away

Quite frankly, it sticks at the end of my fingertips because really all that I have to say is…

I love you five

Plus one

That’s eleventy hundred

~ kei

19 May 2014