Aside ~ Review?

Just popping a book into my cart at Audible. I usually skim through the reviews – some are useful, some aren’t then there are reviews from individuals who just like to see themselves on a website.

What kind of tit writes a “review” like this???

Amazon Customer 10-14-16
Overall 1/5
Performance 1/5
Story 1/5
“Thick Cauwkneaee Accent”
Save it for the Brits. Not fit for the general public. Tedious and tiresome trying to understand what the narrator was saying.

Umm… the story is set in Sussex. WTF kind of accent do you think it should be read in?

You Sir are as stupid as the tit who gave “Still Midnight” a bad review because “The audiobook is read by a narrator with an extremely heavy Scottish accent which was very difficult to understand.

It’s set in Glasgow!! What friggin’ accent do you think it should be read in??

Stupid people annoy the crap out of me…

Aside ~ About Amazon…

I’m sorry to get political late on a Friday… This just now came to my attention and given all the foofaraw and hullabaloo about Amazon’s craptastic anti-review review policies… how about we get behind telling them we don’t want our books sold on the same platform as this sub-species of dung beetle’s spew…?

Amazon: Stop selling dung beetle RooshV’s book of how to’s for Rapists