Respite, Rest, Restoration

A repost from a different November. This little piece of Heaven is on my mind as I’ll be spending a weekend there with my BFF and many other like-minded women. It promises to be three days of new challenges, friendships, learning and nurturing.

I hope your weekend when it comes, will bring you joy.

~ kei
4 November 2015

I stepped barefoot onto my balcony in the chill November dawn
And was struck by the incredible beauty of autumn on the river
The newborn light on the horizon bathed the world in every hue
Of mauves, violets and amethyst; a gift of my favourite colours
Reflecting it in the polished pewter, mirror smooth water’s surface
Shadows of evergreens were a study in charcoal, smudged along the shore
The denuded oak and maple trees looked like black lace on violet silk
They reached their slender branches aloft like fingers seeking warmth
And as the sun cleared the eastern view of the lake, rays of brilliant light
Like ribbons of fire, came streaking across the water towards me
The burgeoning light gave colour to the water and woods, turning the sky blue
A soft breeze followed the rays, ruffling the water at the edge of the beach
Teasing the hem of my nightie. I shivered standing in the light coat of frost
Already beginning to disappear, as the earth began to warm itself
I breathed in the last of the dawn, holding my arms round myself for warmth
Then returned to my bed, dreaming Persephone’s dreams

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Dawn on the St. Lawrence river ©Karin Bole Tupper

Dawn on the St. Lawrence river
©Karin Bole Tupper

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ How Came Autumn?

As did Pandora
Youth again alters the world
Oh! Persephone

A change of season was born
Of a pomegranate seed

~ kei
7 October 2015

Aphonse Mucha Demeter Painting

Day seven in the Tanka form


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Enchanted Dusk ~ Etheree I

So quickly
In October
Black lace silhouettes
Trimming watered silk skies
Like a gown for a princess
This once upon a wish raiment
Delights the senses for just moments
Then disappears leaving you wanting more

~ kei
4 October 2015

Sunset over Ottawa

October Dusk
©Karin Bole Tupper

The Cinderella moments of an autumn sky in Etheree form.


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

Kei’s Five Beautiful Things ~ 6

In this instant I am perfectly, completely happy.

These are the things that stopped me – if only for a moment – to really appreciate that moment, in joy, humour, wonder… Five beautiful things.

~ kei
10 September 2015

All photographs are ©Karin Bole Tupper

Enter September

Slipping in quietly
On August’s coattails

Clad in last season’s warmth
And bright colour

Flourishing her own touch
A pearlescent wrap

The weft of crisper air
The warp of stored sunshine

Earth twirls like a girl
Showing us her new raiment

A whisper of white embellishment
Introducing our eyes to the latest fashion
In the Collection of Four Seasons

~ kei
1 September 2015

Sunrise Fog over Ottawa

Sunrise Fog over Ottawa

Waterfall Memories

Slowly now is the order of the day
Footsteps leading over waterfalls
Rainbow coloured mists
Dancing in shafts of sunlight
Turning to the whisper
The sound of my name
On his lips
An echo of love
From long ago

Measured tread and full breaths
No longer cutting the trail
Letting the path make me
Bending me like the willows
Lining the shore I travel
Trailing leaves in waters
That have passed this way
Since my ears were first kissed
By the sound his voice made
Woven into the shadows
Cast upon the waves
Where our younger selves passed

Slowly do I seek and now find
The long ago me I thought left behind
She is laughing still, wet
With teasing and waves
Warm in his arms
Wrapped in a Letterman’s sweater
The girl and the boy
Live here yet

~ kei
9 September 2014

Hog's Back Falls Autumn

Come To Me

Come to me. Come see me today. The sun gives a polished look to the sky where a storm is imminent
At the moment though, it shines warm and golden, taking the edge off the crisp autumn breeze
I see you everywhere I look today. I see you as clearly as that last autumn of we
There’s woodsmoke in the air and the piles of leaves along the trail are begging to be jumped in
Let’s drive out to the river and walk along the bank. We can feed the ducks and reminisce
We can drive by the old high school and sit in the bleachers holding hands, eating apples
Tease each other mercilessly and run through the leaves in mock anger, laughing until we fall down
And if the sun and breeze and jewel coloured leaves, weave the same magic that they used to
You’ll pause to pick a leaf from my hair and I will be struck by the blue of your eyes
And neither of us will say a word, we’ll just melt into each other’s arms as before and always
You inside me, me inside you, we in the cocoon of October
Come to me…

Some October, somewhere