When I’m Not Writing

I have gardens again!

This means that I’m playing in mud and not writing as much. That is also a good thing, all words and no dirt makes Karin a… err… not dirty, not illiterate urchin…?

Anyway, pictorial of today’s ventures – yes, there’ll be writing but today is not that day – I may be a little too fond of my independence but I’m darn proud of my almost forgotten biceps! Forty pounds are a sleeping six-year old in my world 🙂 So the new plants and trees will be happy. I am still shaking my head over the disclaimer I noticed on the bag though.

Because nothing says “yummy!” like some brown garden mulch…


I’m all about the asides this week. Here’s one that’s a broadside aside:

I put as much effort in to bylines, taglines and my signature advertising style as I do into my written work and fibre art pieces.

I don’t like seeing them cadged without a so much as a by-your-leave.

~ kei
31 May 2015