I am behind many causes. Due to the heartfelt feedback I’ve received on posts where I address some of them, I want my followers and others to have access to this information should they need it and so I’m creating this page.

Three causes. Three things that are not as well-known as they could be and should be. I’m not an expert about these topics, I only convey what is my personal experience. By creating this page, I hope to spread awareness.

Narcissist Personality Disorder (Narcissist Abuse) or NPD

Let Me Reach, Kim (Saeed) Raya, B. Ed. I personally recommend Kim and her ‘whole person’ approach to healing from Narcissistic Abuse. Her guidance helped me at the time when I felt I could not go on. Finally identifying what was happening to me was the first step to recovery.

Dr. Sam Vaknin. A well-known expert in the field of Narcissist Personality Disorder.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME

I have lived with ME for over twenty years. It is little known, widely misunderstood and in some ways ‘invisible’. Like other auto-immune diseases, it’s time that the general population became better informed and more compassionate.

National ME/FM Action Network (Canada)


My Father recently passed away from complications caused by CNS Vasculitis. This is another disease that is somewhat rare, difficult to diagnose and like colon cancer and thyroid disease, can be passed generationally.

Vasculitis Foundation Canada

Feel free to use the “Message Me” tab at the top of my blog if you have questions about these specific topics. Please feel free to comment with the registered / official websites in your own country for these conditions and diseases.
If you are interested in posts that address these issues in poetic or informational form, the search box on my main blog page will help you to find those.


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