Dragon’s Loyalty ~ Wyvern Heart


I’ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty award by  SirenSong. Normally I am not an awards person – because I’m far too scattered to sit for long – but I am always honoured to be nominated and truly appreciate when someone thinks of me.

If you don’t already know Siren, you should take a moment to read and follow her blog. Her generous nomination gives me a chance to say how much I love her writing style and her deft touch with descriptions of love and relationships.

The rules are:

•Display the award on your blog
•Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you
•Present six deserving bloggers with the award
•Link your awardees in the post
•Write seven interesting things about you

Seven possibly, marginally interesting things about me:

I have a very green thumb. Both indoor and outdoor plants seem to like me and my current obsessions are indoor: orchids and garden: coral bells.

I’ve been writing since a very early age. At around age seven or eight, I would write and illustrate faerytales and fold and staple them into books for my – complete with checkout slips – library.

I’m a little vain about my feet (!) My ballet mistress once told me that I had a pointe like Pavlova’s and it’s still one of the best compliments I ever received.

I’m not joking about the ADD and OCD. My pantry cupboards have had the exact same arrangement in each place I’ve lived since leaving my parent’s home and I can only accomplish all the day’s tasks by using a “Circuit Training” method. I see this more as super-power than detriment 🙂

You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted my homemade cannelloni, pea soup à la maison or chicken cordon bleu.

I love to create things and am never not designing and / or working on one project or another. Fibre and needle arts are my favourite but I like to paint too. I take my needles everywhere and never have ‘wasted’ time. Doctor running late? That’s three more rows!

I may be the only woman in the world who doesn’t fancy chocolate (!) I don’t dislike it but would much rather have toffee, butter fudge, caramel or whipped cream.

Now for the Nominees:

Rita, Unshielded HeartMy day is often brightened by one or more of Rita’s posts. She’s a warm, caring person; generous with her time and talent. Not to mention her great music posts. Well worth a visit

Joseph, Seeing The WhisperI never know what to expect from Joe’s poetry and prose  when I click on the email link. Romantic, playful, erotic and insightful, his words always make an impact upon me. Not to mention he is a friend, who shares my green thumb and spiritual views and is a wonderful support in this online circus.

Mike, MikeSteedenI discovered Mike’s blog not too long ago and am smitten with his offerings. Witty, percipient, thought-provoking and off-the-wall. There is something for everyone here and it almost always comes with a side of laughter. Check him out…you will not be sorry!

Daniel, Dusk and ResurrectionDaniel’s stories are insightful, often haunting in their poignancy. He has a deft touch conveying vivid pictures of love, faith and relationships. You’ll enjoy his perspective.

Chris, TheMuscleHeadedBlogChris is one of the first blogs I followed and my day isn’t complete without his humorous, entertaining and highly educational posts and their side of tongue-in-cheek. Chris also regularly posts music on Sundays that is not to be missed.

Kim, LetMeReachWhat can I say about Kim that I haven’t already? She’s knowledgeable, kind, accessible and shares invaluable information with those of us who’ve been wounded by narcissist predators and their ilk. Kim helped me find my way back from the brink and I continue to read and share her fact-based, whole-person approach to healing and recovery. Not just a great blogger but for me, a true friend. Check her out.

Thanks again to Siren for the nomination. Thanks too, to all of you who’ve hung in here with me, not just through this post but through all the rest. It means more than you know.

~ kei
18 December 2015

(Nominees, your participation is optional. This is just my thank you for your words)

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Aperture Art

Painting the seasons

With pixels for my brushes

On a bandwidth sky

~ kei
10 October 2015


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ If I Did Envy…

I don’t envy the air that you breathe
Even though it fills spaces in your body

I don’t envy your body wash
Even though it sluices over your skin

And I don’t envy your toothbrush
Even though it lingers between your lips

I certainly don’t envy your office chair
Even though it cradles your perfect arse

If I had to envy anything at all… you’d be surprised
You’d think I’m gross or crazy but in fact, I’m wise
There’s nothing to envy in the everyday of your routine
People, places, things that you don’t pause to consider

I envy the junk mail in your slot each day
That you must look at to assess its worth

I envy the wind that ruffles your hair
Sending that one rebel curl into your eyes

I envy the mirror where you shave each day
Carefully considering each stroke you make

Mostly, I envy your glass of Crown Royale
The one that you savour slowly every evening

In the very way that once upon a time
You savoured every facet of me

~ kei
9 October 2015

Straight Crown

** I didn’t make it around to any blog visits yesterday – Thanksgiving prep and a furniture moving / set up kept me away until late. I hope to catch up with the OctPoets today :)**


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Kyrielle I

You relight the fuse and walk away
It’s your heart, not mine that you betray
This barrier, I must break through
Again, my thoughts return to you

I’m all aflame with your memory
You’re the only cure, my remedy
These words of mine, I know I’ll rue
Again, my thoughts return to you

Unbend your mind, no need to fear
True love and soul mates trump the years
What more am I supposed to do?
Again, my thoughts return to you

~ kei
8 October 2015

When we were driving in your Dad's car...

Day eight in the Kyrielle form


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ How Came Autumn?

As did Pandora
Youth again alters the world
Oh! Persephone

A change of season was born
Of a pomegranate seed

~ kei
7 October 2015

Aphonse Mucha Demeter Painting

Day seven in the Tanka form


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

The Blogger Interview Tag

A heartfelt thanks to my friend The P&TheG over at The Lightening and The Fire for nominating me for The Blogger Interview. I don’t normally do these but I’m honoured he included me in the wonderful company he did so, here goes.

Here are the rules:

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions in full
* Don’t forget to tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

Here are the questions:

How did you get into blogging?
You wouldn’t believe the truth! It’s a Sci-Fi opus on LSD! 🙂 So, the semi-truth is, I was encouraged to start a blog here to expand my writing contacts and to promote some books among a community that was focussed on poetry and writing (unlike Facebook). I’d been writing since childhood and had a blog with a very different content focus in the CSS & HTML days, so poetry blogging was like coming home and landing on Mars all at once!

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
You have to write from your heart, there are like-minded people out there waiting to hear your voice. Don’t get bogged down in the cliques, critiques and craziness that is prevalent in the blog world. Write hard and true about what matters to you. Be true to your ideals in your writing and how you support others in the community. There are wonderful souls here and there are soul-sucking asshats. Ignore the asshats – picture them in their underwear on the can and having to use SpellCheck 🙂

What would be your dream campaign?
There are so many that speak to me! I’m involved in the 3D world and if I had to pick, I’d like to see Dementia / Alzheimer’s as well as the autoimmune disease M.E. (which I have) getting some research, dollar and awareness loves.

Do you have a plan for your blog
To keep on going as long as it nurtures me. There’ve been moments that I wanted to walk away but as I find a core of true friends here, it makes the staying much easier. I’m trying new things, following new people and hope to continue to inspire and be inspired.

What do you think about rankings?
I think they’re utterly meaningless and I never – for realz –  check them. I love to see that little gold “+” but I’d rather have ten people who are sincere in their opinion of me and my writing than a bunch of folks who don’t even read what I post.

I would love to nominate a few friends, old and new, that keep me smiling and inspired. Always optional guys, feel free to participate or pass:

Seeing The Whisper


 You Must Suffer Me To Go My Own Dark Way

The Muscleheaded Blog

This Knitted Life

Southside of Heaven (Ádhamh, I know you can’t, had to include you!)

Orange Smoothie Knits

Siren Song

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Cinquain V


Your topaz eyes

Mesmerize and entice

Just like those of my Beloved


~ kei
6 October 2015

Day six in the Cinquain form


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October Poetry Writing Month

31 Days of Poetry, Blogging Challenge

OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow