As this bizarre year closes, I find myself back to WordPress, recalling times when I couldn’t go a full day without writing something, let alone three years.

To be fair, real life became more complex. To be honest, The Muse disappeared and left nothing… NOTHING… in their wake.

Write what you know.

I started this year thinking that perhaps, this would be the one where I’d stumble across another “My Person”. There’d be no more single events and holidays. I’m ready for that. Did the work. Learned the lessons. Dropped the Narc guard – actually, that’s a fib and there was a low-key Narc not long ago and thank god that I paid attention to the red flags.


I’m here. I’m whole and okay but… I miss the spark. I miss being someone’s one-and-only. I miss passion and exploring and learning together. There is no one that lights me up enough to invest more than a few dates and so… little to no writing inspiration.

So. Maybe I’ll hang out here a little more. Read about what that kind of love looked – looks – like. Maybe 2020 will close with me still on my own but I’m hopeful. I’m happy and each day of this bizarre year has brought me back a little to the open-hearted woman I once was.

I hope all of you, those who may still wander by here, have found a blessing or a spark to bring joy to your soul during these past, very difficult months.

Take care Pressies.

~ kei

11 December 2020

2 thoughts on “December

  1. i was taken back by your thoughts, 🙂 could have been my world here, I keep attempting to find another muse, one that shared my passion in writing and all the blaa blaa cliches that don’t seem to matter

    for a year that went so fast, the months have dragged on and on, we have reached the highest state of craziness to b;end in chaos and confusion that has ever been known to man i think…
    this is a year i hope i have passed the test, finished the lessons, because i do not want or plan on repeating history…

    you have made me smile, for it is sad you have had so many upheavels/changes, but its nice to know that i am not the only one….

    I wish You great freedom to dream and write to your hearts content,
    Take Care…You Matter…

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