Petites Pensées ~ Mirror, Mirror

Your Integrity isn’t worth much

If Pride keeps you from apologizing

Or Fear lets you justify hurting someone…

~ kei
11 March 2018

4 thoughts on “Petites Pensées ~ Mirror, Mirror

  1. Stars are spinning in the sky,
    Or the earth spins, and eyes ride on spinning balls, suspended in space,
    Either way, majesty.
    Clouds part to show clouds of light
    Dropped on black velvet that can almost be reached
    With nothing more then an outstretched hand
    Or a thought.

    Not all thoughts are headed milk on black curtains
    Not all lights are faeries in the sky
    Not all black dots are perfect punctuations
    And not all shadows can blanket everything
    Sometimes the stars shine through.

    You are a star.
    Wayne Francis

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  2. Glad to be heard from. Had my own run in with narcissism, but I think I’m finding my voice again. Sorry to learn that you aren’t well.

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    • I’m so sorry to hear this; the narc vermin are everywhere. I do hope that you’re taking up the pen again, the saddest part of dealing with a narc is that they suck the soul right out of you. Don’t let it win.

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