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This post showed up on Facebook and as I have more Brit friends here, I’ve decided to share it. The incident happened in Bristol, so if anyone lives there or knows someone who does, this misogynistic asshat needs a kick in the arse!

Copy / Paste:

“Please share this: This is a warning for anyone who walks their dogs on Durdham Downs in Bristol. Today on the downs this man set his dogs on me and my dogs. We were siting under a tree and this man approached us with his dogs on an extendable lead, he stood there staring at us whilst his dogs pulled against their short lead lowering themselves preparing to attack. I asked him to walk away as it was unsettling my dogs and he smiled without speaking. Once his dogs had worked themselves up and my dogs walked part way toward them, he released the grip on the extendable lead and his dogs attacked. One of my dogs managed to return to me whilst the other dog was less fortunate. This mans dog sat on my other dog, who was squealing, crying and struggling to get away. The man continued staring at me and smiling whilst I shouted for him to get his dog off. The dog didn’t move until my dog was motionless. The man then told me that I needed to control my dogs and put them on a lead, I responded with it is f***ing obvious who is at fault here. To which he responded ‘I bet I can guess where you grew up”!!! Luckily my dog limped back to me and appears to now be fine, bruised and shaken but fine. I then watched this man do exactly the same thing to another woman with her 3 small dogs. This man is obviously insane, amongst other things! About a year ago I read a note posted on a tree on the down, where the same thing had happened to a woman and her 2 dogs, with a man and dogs matching this description. One of her dogs died later that evening from internal bleeding, from cracked ribs. My dog is a particular breed that has a particularly strong rib cage, I am sure she would be in a far worse position if this wasn’t the case. I will be reporting this to the police tomorrow but I am also aware that they don’t take these cases that seriously. So please take care and avoid this man and his dogs. He is in his 60’s with a ridiculously posh accent.” ~ Gemma Tool, shared from her post

And Old Farts complain about the behaviour of young people!

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  1. There are way too many psychos on this planet. I’d attribute it to “spoiled baby boomers” but it’s not America. Are tasers or pepper spay legal there? I’m not aggressive unless you mess with my dogs. What a bastard.

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