Happy New Year 2017!

By now, most of you know how I feel about New Year’s hoopla, resolutions and schmaltz.
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Overall 2016 wasn’t bad, other than the loss of so many wonderful, talented people and many of them still so young. In my own little corner, I spent far less time on the Interwebs, focussing on my expanded family and home, reconnecting with special people (yes, this is for you Rew!), my extended family and working out as much of the residual ‘stuff’ of previous years as possible. Let it never be said that I have baggage – I may have a carry on but I prefer to think of it as a tool kit of experience.

As to resolutions, again this year I won’t. You don’t have to either. Do your best throughout the year, it’s all we can ask of ourselves and each other. Life has enough challenges for us without our feeling obligated to (potentially) overextend.

From my family to yours, much love, and sending you all a wish for health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

~ kei
1 January 2017

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8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017!

  1. A wonderful post to bring in the new year. Not sugar coated and I do love this line, “I have baggage – I may have a carry on but I prefer to think of it as a tool kit of experience.” Be well and stay well my friend

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    • Bette is brilliant! Wishing all at The Whelk a wonderful New Year; you are my ‘go to’ scandal source. I hope Mrs. Bastard was gifted with much catnip at the office fete, I’d wager she needs it 🙂

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      • We try to avoid scandal here at The Whelk. We consider it “bad form” and poor journalism. I was only saying as much to the sub-editor yesterday when I was filing some copy about The Queen and Prince Philip being involved in a two-in-a-bed sex romp.
        Happy New Year! 🙂

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