2 thoughts on “What The Fuck America??!!

  1. Then she’s an arrogant ignorant as well. The writing was everywhere, throw a wrench in the machine.

    BREXIT was the UK’s version of the Boston Tea Party. In that case, taxation without representation under globalization.

    So what the fuck Liberals, you going to remain as arrogant and as ignorant as you are or are you going to start paying attention IN your own back yard?

    Two more things. First, you don’t get to be a Liberal because you call yourself one. The people around you get to decide based on your conduct. Second, the last thing about a Liberal is liberality.


    • You are wrong and the entire rest of the world is with me on this.

      No more comments will be allowed on this post. It’s bad enough that I’ve had to breathe the air of anyone who can support a racist, bigoted, uneducated, tax-evading, sexual predator.

      The United States should be put on a “time out” for the next four years.

      OMG… You’re Canadian… I may vomit.

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