What I Said

This man has elected to be verbally abusive with me because I disagree with his opinion.

Not only can he not just stand down and respect the fact that this is my blog, my opinion and my choice; he feels the need to make things personal.

I suggest that regardless of your view of the USA elections, you may wish to unfollow a person who feels justified in abusing someone who doesn’t allow their own blog to be used as a political grand stand.


Oh! And ETA: Still won’t back off with the name calling. There are children with better manners and self-control.


First words to me, a complete stranger:

“Then she’s an arrogant ignorant as well.”

Nope. Nothing inflammatory there. <heavy irony>

4 thoughts on “What I Said

  1. It’s been enlightening to hear feedback from others about the behaviour of this bully. Thank you to those who’ve responded to support me.
    I should think it’s obvious that a “discussion” never begins with the words “You are an arrogant bigot and exactly what you rage against.” Let’s establish that posting two memes isn’t “raging against” and it is certainly not an invitation to readers to reply with a comment full of political rhetoric and name calling. Another important point: calling someone’s response to your verbal attack “yapping off” smacks of paternalistic misogyny and yes, I will halt a conversation that has devolved to this extent after two exchanges. It is my right to protect myself from verbal abuse because that is the epitome of “not going my way”.
    I didn’t ask anyone to point out anything to me, I posted pictorials that express my feelings about a political event that will resonate in all countries and perhaps if all the world had been allowed to vote then yes, ” the result would have been different wouldn’t it arrogant one.”
    Many folks on Facebook are chuckling a little at “the arrogant are bigots and stupid and you proved my point and that you are one.” In part due to the sad misuse of grammar but also due to the fact that I am Aboriginal, MIL to a wonderful Lebanese man, part of the LGBTQ community, dating a Portuguese Angolan Canadian, granddaughter of an immigrant and hold two degrees.
    I might suggest that someone who cannot string together a proper sentence has no business claiming to be a writer and that anyone with such clear woman bashing tendencies, hair-trigger anger issues and inability to communicate en pointe should probably reconsider their self-proclaimed title of “Life Coach”.

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  2. Hi Karin! This jerk is all over the internet stalking people. He even attacked me on another person’s website totally ignoring that person’s post. His only intent was to attack my opinion. He even assaulted a Romanian blogger trying to attack her beautiful philosophy in life because of events in America, which she knew nothing about. I don’t entertain these oxygen thieves for one syllable. You are so far above this vermin it’s painful to see it affect you. I wouldn’t waste any time considering the words of a shallow, demented, self-appointed emperor of disgust and unreason. Instead, I’d like to say that even if you and I had different opinions, I’d still value your friendship and admire your talent. Big Dragon Hugs!


    • Thank you, thank you – so many thank you’s! I agree completely with your philosophy; friendship and respect transcend political opinion. They must, or the world will implode.
      Is it wrong to be a little heartened that I’m not the only target? Clearly, this individual is deranged. He left a link to one of his posts – a douchey action at the best of times – which I promptly deleted. If he was hoping to gain views or followers, he’ll be disappointed. I posted a PSA on Facebook for anyone in Toronto who might mistake his claim to be a “Life Coach” as legitimate.
      Again, my thanks and dragon hugs right back atcha!

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      • You are so right, Karin. We’ll get through this like all the challenges before. We get through it together and learn from each other by sharing our talent and embracing the beauty of diversity with respect, dignity, grace, and tolerance. Those “life coaches” that have withstood the test of eons and their teachings ring true today as they did hundreds and even thousands of years ago all had the same basis in their philosophy – seek the light, love, and respect one another. That is what I see in your poetry as you explore all the emotions we feel and can’t deny. I hope you are never diverted from that by those who will never get it.


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