Poetry From The Vault

For a year or two before I joined WordPress I wrote privately and on a couple Facebook poetry pages. One page – The Eclectic Poet – is still there, suffering the same neglect that WordPress does but once in a blue… the algorithms that be will cast up a “Your Memories On Facebook” post that isn’t just a photo but one of those long ago snapshots in words.

This piece is titled “Blue” and is one of my stream-of-thought or two-AM-thoughts style pieces. It was written on 17 October 2011 and never shared publicly. I rather like it.

Cut and paste from Facebook, this is “Blue”.


17 October 2011 at 13:03


Everybody wants a piece but only on their terms

I feel so… stretched

Pulled thin and transparent

I have enough for everyone if they aren’t greedy

My heart needs…  replenishing

Pumped out and labouring

Brown eyes like amber

Tell me all your heart’s secrets

Such treasures preserved

Mahogany, amber, teak, chocolate

Leather, chamois, silk, velvet

blood, wine, cigarettes, coffee


I can’t get you out of my head. Not normally a bad thing. Very, very frustrating today.

When I close my eyes I can see you. Worse. Sometimes I can feel you.

I can hardly stand to be in my own skin. It’s like I have a fever. On fire, shaking.

I want you here… You are what I need to replenish… Fill me up with you.

Such a tangled web we’ve woven

Your benign indifference leaves me frozen

Snap you fingers, demand my fire

This bed feels like a funeral pyre

If you don’t love me, leave me be

You can’t pick & choose the parts of me


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~ kei
17 October 2016

7 thoughts on “Poetry From The Vault

  1. It is always nice to look back on stuff you have written and this verse you pulled from the vault or SpaceBook as I call it has a resounding mix of intentions and inatentions (if that is a word) I thought it was a great write.
    Interested in your previous comments where you mention that WordPress is on the wane, having just livened up my work and blog after a bit of time away, wondered what was going on, if anything? Thanks for the read Kev

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  2. Hey Kev, Thank you for reading and your comment and question. My own comment was about how I’ve moved away from posting on the Internet at any of my old author haunts. I became extremely disenchanted with WordPress at a time of a personal/professional crisis that was exacerbated by the nature of Internet platforms, WP in particular.
    I’m here to write and in my experience, there was far less writing and professionalism than say… hooking up, gossip, slander and general dumbassery. It soured me on bothering to share my work here anymore. I’m coasting on all the writing-related blogs, etc, focused on healing and growing. I still share on my hobby blog but for now am conserving the heart and soul stuff for the one that inspires and nurtures those things.
    Ha! All that long-windedness to say; I’m sure WordPress is alive and well and doing just fine without me 🙂


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