Washington State – You Suck

I emailed Gov. Inslee and I don’t live in the USA. It is lunacy to murder 10% of Washington State’s ENDANGERED GLOBALLY wolf population for the sake of two calves. Wake up and get a clue!

From Predator Defence on Facebook:

“Defenders of Wildlife, or Defenders of Livestock?

If you’ve been following our posts on the tragic and outrageous wolf slaughter in Washington, you have to read this piece. It’s about one of the environmental groups that abdicated responsibility and “authorized removal” of the Profanity Peak wolf pack. What they have done is appalling.

Our director co-wrote this article with Marc Bekoff, a Huffington Post contributor, who also happens to be one of the most educated and enlightened scientists out there and, with Jane Goodall, cofounded Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.”

Read the full article by clicking this link

From Predator Defence Website:

“How You Can Help:

Contact Governor Jay Inslee immediately and ask him to stop the slaughter! Insist he halt the Profanity Peak Pack wolf killings now. Then spread the word to everyone you know who cares about wolves, wildlife and public lands.
~ Rally with us in honour of the Profanity Peak Pack and to stop future killings. Join us at noon at the state capitol in Olympia, Thursday, Sept. 1.
~ Support our work for wolves with a donation today.

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6 thoughts on “Washington State – You Suck

  1. I’ve also written a bit about this, I’m definitely upset about this extermination as well and have signed various petitions to stop this. I have a hard time empathizing with ranchers who it seems haven’t put as much effort as they imply into protecting cattle. You can actually go to their website and look at their long winded rants against wolves. I think I linked it in my profanity wolf pack post.

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    • As far as I’m concerned, it’s the cost of doing business-just like any other. They destroyed habitat and so they lose a calf once in a blue moon. Cry me a river ranchers. To react with sanctioned murder is incomprehensible, head up arse thinking. What part of “Endangered Species” hasn’t registered with these idiots?


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