Come Clean

tDot on my mind… Still.

The Eclectic Poet

You’re sounding so bitter
Learned how to manoeuver

Seems like the Big Smoke
Has got in your eyes, is making you choke

Come as you are, Baby can’t you see
You can drop your defenses,  it’s just me

There’s no need for disguises
Don’t need deals or compromises

You say you don’t want misperceptions
Follow your heart in my direction

We don’t play that way here
You know there’s nothing to fear

I just want you to come as you are
Don’t need to be a bright lights, big city superstar

Come on back home, try me on for size
I’m not so different, maybe a little more wise

There’s only one way to make a new start
You gotta wash Toronto outta your heart

~ kei
12 January 2014

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