Every Picture Picture Tells A Story I

One of the short stories I published here in 2012, my first year on WordPress.

The Eclectic Poet

He slammed out of the trailer, letting the door bang closed behind him. She had heard him angry before but never at her. She was surprised by the heat of his emotion and a little scared. It wasn’t his way.
She ran out the door after him, into the full force of the hot summer storm that had kept time with the increasing intensity of their conversation. Catching up to him just as he reached the dock, she grabbed for his arm saying, “Eric, wait!”  He shook her hand off growling, “Don’t! I don’t know what you want from me!” and stalked away, out to the end of the dock.

She watched a moment, his drenched silhouette a picture of misery in the lightning flash. He put his hands to his head, bending over in slow motion as if someone had kicked him in the gut. Her heart broke a…

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