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    • If only! All my strengths have been turned upside down. Humour, spontaneity, former common ground… Just so much to be snubbed. It’s impossible to reach someone who’s mind is closed….

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      • I’m sorry to hear that hurt because it sounds familiar and I felt helpless. I was really referring to the bridging of the 2 parts within myself because that’s what had to be done in my head. I think I thought I would have made things worse if I tried to fix things. I had to embrace the fact that I have no control over what others think of me, right or wrong. Of course, I knew it was wrong and I knew of real reasons to think the opposite but I couldn’t change the complicated, emotional mess it already was. I had to let it be and trust that things would rise and fall as they really were because I was angry and deeper than that – hurt. I would have made it worse for myself. It took a long time. I hope your situation isn’t as complicated. A closed mind is a waste of time.

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      • oh yes it is. Worthless even. It’s actually empty, imo. I still hope you have an easier time with it. Maybe hope is just a direction to try and hold onto and work towards. When it becomes that though, I don’t like it. : )


  1. WE react too quickly to other people’s perception of our selves. yet if we take a moment and not react , we would see it is nothing more than an indication of how they are , emotionally , psychologically and so on.

    Do not take offense for they have shown themselves to you.


    • True sometimes. This case – because it is a personal case – is different in that this is someone who’s had ample opportunities and still chooses passive aggressive silence over a simple conversation; something that used to be a shared passion… People do change unfortunately and I am so saddened by what I’ve been shown: a heart gone cold.


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