Save Mooney’s Bay ~ Look At That Face! Aww…

Your support matters and your voice is being heard. Thank you!

For those who signed the petition, you have my heartfelt thanks. Our mayor continues to hide behind feigned ignorance and has now denied environmentalists, et al, their democratic voice: “This is one acre out of 72 acres,” said the mayor. “It’s a children’s playground with teeter totters and swing sets and monkey bars. So I think a lot of what’s been said over the last couple of days has been embellished. And I think when people see the finished product — particularly the kids — they’re going to love it.” Not one word of this is true and the Mayor knows this. Y’all have seen the pooping moose, right?

This despite the reams of studies, letters emails and the proposals of Sinking Ships Entertainment itself. This may not be your neighbourhood but it’s part of the world’s ecosystem – please add your voice if you can.

From the Save Mooney’s Bay Facebook page:

“Did you know that the Blanding’s turtle (a species that’s provincially and nationally threatened) was identified as a species at risk at the Mooney’s Bay site? (report here: This is currently their nesting period, but the heavy trucks and current state of grounds will keep them away. If you do spot any at Mooney’s Bay, please take a picture!

Please note that the environmental reports were done after the contract was signed and not released until June 6th — well after the site had been fenced off, ripped up, dug out and filled with gravel.

Informational link about the release of Blanding’s littlies in Toronto



Sing along with me people: Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…

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Disclaimer: I am speaking strictly for myself and not on behalf of Save Mooney’s Bay.

5 thoughts on “Save Mooney’s Bay ~ Look At That Face! Aww…

    • I agree. I’m sad but mostly angry – fair dancin’ with rage. I’m usually articulate but I can barely speak to the utter incompetence of an elected official that commits $1,000,000.00 to a playground that by his own admission, he hasn’t even reviewed the content, safety or environmental impact! Even in the face of overwhelming studies and support, even the site plans provided by the builder, he denies voters their democratic right to be heard vis-a-vis, their own councillor. This man is a buffoon. Utterly incompetent, immoral and an autocrat. If he had one shred of integrity, he’d step down but as proved with previous issues, he’ll have to be forced out. I wish we had a legal method for impeaching in this country…

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  1. So terribly disgusting!!! ‘Guess he was so sure everyone would
    love the final product (and so busy counting the $ in his pocket)
    that he couldn’t trust us to know about it ahead of time! 😡 ♥ ❤

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