No Long Goodbyes

So long my friend, farewell

You’ve served me long and well

Though it’s time for us to part

I’ll keep you always in my heart

Adieu mon ami, vous allez manquer

A new life and love are calling me

Should we chance to meet again

Smile and greet me as a friend

~ kei
17 April 2016

Dear WordPress friends, my mini vacation from maintaining this and my Facebook poetry page has been good. Cutting the ties to Twitter and Google+ has been wonderful!

For some time, I’ve had a sense that I’m ready to move away from writing to other pursuits and certainly this break from the false expectations involved in nurturing a poetry blog has been both enlightening and freeing – such peace of mind gained!

I’ve enjoyed meeting and sharing with so many talented people and will try to pop ’round to your blogs once in a while to click ‘hello’ or post the odd piece on mine.

So, until then be happy, be well and… for heaven’s sake!

Get off the computer, go outside and play! 🙂

23 thoughts on “No Long Goodbyes

  1. Oh I wish you nothing but joyful steps, precious. We’ll meet along the way as kindred spirits are prone to do. Love, life and laughter to you always.

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  2. This post makes me feel bereft 😦
    I’m being selfish even telling you this…I wish nothing but the best of everything for you…and if this makes you happy, so be it. I’m going to miss you though ❤

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    • You are so kind to say Nathalie <3. The decision was a long time coming, I'm very attached to so many people here and, I will try to visit from time to time, maybe even to post. I'm finding positive and fresh perspective with each step away from the Internet that I take so, time to run with that a little more 🙂 I'll be sure to visit you when I'm here. Hugs and thank you from another Canadian Cohort ❤

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      • Of course you have to do whatever makes you happy, whatever is right for you, who are we to think of ourselves and the fact you’re going to be conspicuous by your absence? I’ll look forward to your visits, have a very lovely day… and until next time… 🙂 ❤


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  4. Love your work and while I will miss you, I am happy for you and I totally get your decision. Please keep me on the list for any writing endeavors that you may pursue in the future.


    • Thank you so much and I’m so sorry for this very late response! I truly appreciate your kind words and will still be here to cheer on as many of you as I can. There may even be a post from me once in a while. The benefit of cutting ties with some social media sites is already showing, so much less stress and angst and I recommend it for anyone feeling pressured.

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    • I have never felt so free! Personally, I never liked Twitter. I found it to be THE most self-serving, boring and non-interactive platform and Google+ as much so. Tumblr always made me feel like I need a shower after using it, that one I deleted long ago. I’m still here, just cutting back on what had become a burden and a ‘Time Vampire’.
      The peace of mind now and lack of stress is phenomenal 🙂

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      • Wow. I will probably be deleting my Tumblr and Twitter. I was trying to have somewhere where a collection of images would give people an idea of my sensibilities argo Tumblr. But I’m not sure how useful it is going to be?

        It’s just all too much social media you know?

        I can imagine he peace of mind you are currently enjoying.

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      • Pinterest might be a good one for you. It is very visual-driven like Tumblr but without the creepy, teeny-bopper vibe (sorry Tumblr people!). There’s so much repetition between platforms – curse you sharing buttons! – and The Twit will soon be using the same algorithm post mgmt. that Facebook uses. Personally, I can pick the posts I’m most interested in, I don’t need a program to do that for me and I certainly don’t want to spend more time “making my posts more interesting” just to have the privilege of showing up in Great Auntie Mae’s (spoon)feed 😉

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