Once upon a time, I was inspired… a blast from the past because I just found your letters to Wilhemina. ~ kei

The Eclectic Poet

Talking to you has been like… what? It’s like you’ve dropped a diamond-tipped stylus into the grooves of my brain.

I was still finding my music when we met, not a Stones girl yet… Oh, but you have no idea how many Divinyls moments you caused. Cause. I could listen to this all night. On repeat. You were so sweet… An A+ honour roll boy with a streak of sensuality that was metres deep. Singing to me…

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, good girl, Daddy’s daughter.

Round and round my thoughts go… this is one of my favourite songs. Anyone else listening to this could tell by the pops and crackles… That melody though? Still clear as HD, gets right inside to the core of me, makes my blood sing and I can’t help but dance. You are like fucking electricity. I’m powered up, spinning like 33 1/3 rpms. On…

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8 thoughts on “Revolutions

  1. How come you have so many Facebook followers on your page and yet we only have two? Are you trying to destroy our credibility and obliterate our already fragile self-esteem? 😀
    Our followers are the sub-editor and the restaurant critic by the way…:(

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    • I put it down to there’s no accounting for taste! 🙂
      I started the FB page and co-Admin’d with my partner Peter on his page for about a year before we joined WP and that was in dinosaur days. Wear them down with “we suggest you’d like *insert page here*” and they will come.

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      • You’re on!

        Seriously though, I think it’s harder now to gain a following, not to mention keep them. FB functions very differently since the time of implementing ‘pay for reach’ posts’.

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      • You’re absolutely right of course. If it wasn’t for my immense personal charm and dogged determination we wouldn’t have any followers at all. Our graphics editor, The Artful Dodger, is particularly hopeless when it comes to “bonding” with the punters. No patience you see Karin. “Dodger!” I often say to the boy “You’ve got no patience son” 😦
        We offered to pay for some FB followers but Mr Zuckerberg wouldn’t take our IOU. Can you believe that?? 😦

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      • FB is Twitter for the verbally diarrhetic and people who suffer from chronic ill health and insist that everybody else is kept informed about it. Facebookers also seem to have particularly grim-looking offspring in my experience 😀

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