More Big Brother In Our Social Media

I do NOT need to be spoon fed my Social Media!
I’m tired of Big Brother algorithm – how about you?

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Social media should be fun. I use Instagram mostly to market and interface with Knitters and Crocheters. This doesn’t mean that they are the only posts I want to see, or that I want to spend time scrolling endlessly to see tattoo or gardening posts. Even more, I don’t want to have to spend endless hours turning on notifications for everyone that I do want to see – who the hell wants a chorus of the Angelicus coming from their phone once our notifications are blown up?

Instagram announced they will be moving to the same algorithm-based method that Facebook uses. Essentially ‘they’ choose what posts you see – it’s not that great aunt Hilda is ignoring your posts. It’s that FB has ‘big brothered’ them, right down to the email function of FB.

If you’re an Instagram user, please consider signing the petition to keep it interference free. It’s…

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10 thoughts on “More Big Brother In Our Social Media

  1. I loved Instagram but stayed off it because of the company that owns it. That’s too much drama for me, on top of the drama that’s already there. But the reason they do these things and don’t listen to customers is that customers love, want and need these applications. If everyone unsubscribed at the same time, they would listen. Different universe.

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    • I love it because it was the last bastion of freedom of use. I despise the FB model and noticed increasing adverts on Instagram. If this change goes through I’m off. I just kicked Twitter and Google+ to the curb. So tired of the ‘negative billing’ method these companies use. Who owns Instagram ? I never thought to check.

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  2. HA! Plus, now we who have dual personal/blog fb accounts are forced to toggle between ourselves for each and every post… SO annoying, to click share for the blog and have it show up on the personal, then have to share again and delete the first attempt!!! :-/ ♥ ❤

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    • So true! I see no reason why they don’t just leave it. Yes, in context it’s such a small thing but social activities should be fun and IMO, FB and now Insta are simply forcing us to spend more time there (I know that’s the objective). I want my hobbies to be hassle free!

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