Outta Here!

Off grid (mostly) for a weekend of getting myself gathered and centred again. Still missing my Papasan but the business of living is a very good balm.
You kids behave while I’m away!
I don’t want to get any calls from the WP coppers about wild book signings (without me), any publicly dangling participles, rowdy root clauses and absolutely no antagonising antonyms!
Catch you on the overleaf Scribblers 🙂

Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

The Needler’s Retreat 2015 begins this afternoon at 5:00pm. We will be having our usual private soirée with the official troublemakers and lovers of non-dairy creamer (Bailey’s) an hour or two ahead of that. I love these gals and it’s a treat to spend time away from all other concerns and be immersed in the craft we all love. BFF and I have the ‘honeymoon suite’ again this year. Yes. We really do call it that. You need a ‘backstitch pass sl st over’ to get in with the punk rock purlers 😀

I’ll be back with stories and photos next week and until then happy knitting and don’t ‘ss any knits or p2togs’ that I wouldn’t do!

Sexy Knitters Club

Not your Grannie's Knittin'! Not your Grannie’s Knittin’!

Cheers all! ~ kei
6 November 2015

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