Life Goes On…

… As it should

I carry you in the crinkle of my eyes, the dimple in my chin and the black hair that was the bane of my existence in the blonde, blue-eyed, first generation Supermodel days.

I carry you in whistling down cardinals, orioles, hawks and doves. In singing with the Celtic lilt that connects me to highlands and heather.

I carry you in kindness, charity and fairness. In love thy neighbour and in having the courage of my convictions.

I carry you in the tides and oceans that I know as intimately as my own heartbeat and in the sailor’s knots that can be made with both rope and lives.

I might write again. I might not.

But life does go on and so damn quickly…

I intend to not squander one more second of it.

~ kei

20 October 2015

11 thoughts on “Life Goes On…

  1. Some of the most beautiful sentiments are felt in the loss of a parent. I hope you’re doing as well as you can. It sounds like you had a wonderful father. Take care of yourself, Jayne

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    • I’m so sorry I missed replying to this! I find myself scattered this past week. I will be focussing my thoughts to get back on track in some way. My other hobby will take the spotlight this weekend and then it’ll be time to think about writing.
      Take good care. K~xx

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