OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Deaf Ears

Whatever happened to the boys of my youth
Specifically you, if I’m telling the truth

I can accept the changes that Life and aging brings
Not so much the difference in fundamental things

From conversations that went well into the night
Sharing ideas and theories like a burning light

To a taciturn coldness and gruff demeanour
You wear ill manners just like it’s your armour

The hardest thing of all that I have to swallow
Is how the change in you leaves me feeling hollow

You inspired me to be the very best I can
Yet you’ve become a jaded, middle-aged man

Closed off by arrogance or misconception
Rebuffing friendship or the mildest affection

Once omnipotent in your positive influence on me
Now just impotent and cynical is all that I see

~ kei
5 October 2015

Go, if go you must.

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OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

10 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Deaf Ears

  1. I know too many people who your poem could be describing 😦
    It is well written and easy to visualize your description of a friendship that has evolved into the very thing that as youths you probably vowed you would never be!

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    • Thank you and you’re absolutely correct – sadly. It’s a terrible thing to watch our friends get old before their time. Not age but elect to become judgemental, smug and cold. It flies in the face of my ideals and the example I want to be for my peers and for children looking for options beyond “grumpy old (wo)men”.

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