Thank You, Update And October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

First of all, thank you all for your lovely comments on my post about my Daughter’s birthday. I’m still a little bemused that anyone would entrust ME with two humans to raise but we’ve all survived, thrived and are a happy little band of love and silliness.

It was a busy day, as will this one be and I’m still trying to play catch up with you all in person – I’ll get there! In the meantime, just know it means a lot to me that you take the time to visit, read and comment ❤

I do need to share this important post with you from Bree Bonchay’s blog, “RelationshiPedia”. I’m doing a “press this” rather than full “reblog”, only to keep my post to a reasonable length.

Many of you know or have guessed that I was involved for a couple years with a Narcissist. Poetry has helped me to put a few things into a livable context. Concrete help has come from people like Kim Saeed, who I sometimes reblog and Bree is another person who has some very concrete and useful information to share. I highly recommend both for Survivors who want a balanced, respectful and recovery-focused viewpoint.

Bree is putting together a book in honour of  October being National Domestic Violence Awareness month. It will be called: “I Am Free: Healing Stories of Surviving Toxic Relationships With Narcissists & Sociopaths” and the goal is to provide inspirational stories that validate and help survivors learn from first hand accounts.

I don’t know that I’ll be doing this myself but I do know that there are others out there struggling with the lack of information, bizarre misconceptions and general apathy about bringing this form of abuse out of the dark. Survivors of Narcissist Abuse are consistently revictimized by misinformed family, friends and strangers and that must stop.

Please take a moment to read the post about the scope and intent of the book and if you know someone who may have a story to contribute or will benefit from its publication, please reblog, repost or save the link for future reference.

Source: Share Your Story In The Book, “I Am Free” About Surviving Narcissistic Abuse And Help Heal Others

WordPress is an amazingly supportive community and I hope you’ll consider getting the word out about this very real issue.

With gratitude and love
~ kei

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Update And October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  1. You know that there women out there also? Sincé I was involved with one, I read a post by the blogger gentlekindness and she described the traits of a narcisist psychopath, and I almost jumped when I read that. Damn, that nutcase of a girl I spend 2 or 3 months with was exactly the same. She even put me through a trial for domestic abuse, and I was found not guilty. Which it even took my lawyer by surprise. But seems that the facts where the facts and the testimony of the witnesses where the same as the one I stated initially to the pólice. I did have to pay a fine of 93 euros for the cost of the trial which doesn´t make any sense at all. So I stuck around this girl also because of my economic circumstances but once she pulled the knife on me, not once but twice, the first one was in the middle of the Street when I wanted to go with some friends, male friends that is( imagine if it was gilrs, she´d slit my throught) and the only time I put a hand on her was the second time she pulled the knife on me in her room in a beat down part of the town, then I did put her to the ground in a second and took the knief away from her and I decided that best go sleep on a bench and freeze my behind off than staying with that nutcase. I know is the males who are the greater percentage of domestic abuse, but trust me that that girl was the same as a male abuser. And she perfectly knew that if she tried to hit me, which she did I only blocked the punches, because here in Spain if I hit her back I´m going straigh to jail. As a mater of fact I can be in the north pole and if she hits herself on purpose and then says i did it, they will take me in. So after 2 and something months I said screw this, I might have a roof above my head and food, but this nut job might very well stab me while I´m sleeping. So out I went.

    By the way, it seems we have dates and months for everything, this month was suicide awarness month next one is the abuse month, what´s with that? They could name a month
    “Charly´s month” and that would be a month of joy. You did notice that all these months are to get aware of creepy and crappy situations….might as well make room for a month for happy situations and remind us of the good in life also once in a while.

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    • I DO know that Charly! Narcs tend to be split roughly 50 /50 by gender but women tend to get away with it more easily. I don’t want to get too political in a comment but as a Feminist, I see many areas of gender inequality that go against males. In my posts regarding Narcissism, I am speaking about my own situation, the Narc who targeted me was a male.
      I’m not against months of awareness per se. I do wish that people would do something more concrete than clicking a button and thinking that somehow changes anything but… Humans are what they are and happiness rarely makes for good press, follows or big stats.
      A “Karin’s Month” would include every man on the planet wearing a kilt at least once a week, calorie free toffee, Anson Mount taking me out to dinner, Joan Jett asking me up on stage and… Oh! I got carried away with all that happiness didn’t I? **Big Smile**

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  2. Thank you so much for putting this out there and for your kind words!! I’m so touched❤️ Survivors are truly the most lovely people that I have had the fortune of connecting with through having sadly shared similar unfortunate experiences. Thank you for so articulately putting into words the need for validating stories. I know that during my recovery, I would re-read stories I connected with and they helped keep me focused on the reasons I needed to stay no contact and not let self-doubt creep in and undue all the progress I had made. I hoping that this book will do the same for others as well as spread awareness of this damaging form of abuse. Xx ~ Bree

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    • My pleasure Bree! I think your book is a fantastic idea and I’m very happy to support it. I know how helpful it was for me to hear from people who’ve been through the Narc mill and understand fully how insidious and profoundly damaging this type of abuse is. I will continue forever to post information and links for those people who have no idea what is going on but are searching for answers. Not being alone in the craziness is a first step and I’m really excited to see this project come to fruition 🙂
      Thank you for doing what you do ❤ K~xx

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