My Muse ~ Song of Kateri

A long time ago, I loved someone with every fibre of my being.
I ache to the bottom of my soul, with the desire to feel like this again…

The Eclectic Poet

~ I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine ~

Your words are the embodiment of all; heart, soul, mind.
Encompassing insight, intoxication of the senses, ecstasy and elation.
Embodying drama, darkness of the spirit, poetry and passion.
Your stories are of enchantment, uncharted thoughts, unfathomable demons,
All the deepest meanings of masculine passions, lust, love, pleasure given and received.
Men and women who read your words, fall under the spell of the stories you weave.
They are drawn in to the beauty of your words and bond with the message of your voice.

The Poet to whom I belong, knows my thoughts. He touches my heart.
The Writer who belongs to me, finds his way to the core and shares our dreams with the world.

I live in the circle of his arms and in the fullness of his beautiful mind.
The bounty of his words is for…

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