Blogging – And How I Got it Wrong

I’ve been really feeling this concept for a long while now. Judith’s post is en pointe with regard to managing blog followers and she is using ideas that Hugh posted about recently – I hadn’t had a chance yet to pull Hugh’s post out of my saved “Press This” file – links to it are in Judith’s post. I highly recommend reading both posts.
I am utterly overwhelmed with blogging at the moment – I have four blogs, work, home business, family and life. Oh! I don’t just joke about ADD / OCD – that’s for reals.
I think it’s time for a little “ghost busting” and for any of you who are feeling the same, there’s some great advice here.
Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday. K~xx

Judith Barrow

I think I’ve had the wrong idea about blogging. When I first started writing a blog it was to introduce myself to others and to get to know other writers/ authors/poets/artists. Oh and to find different genres of books.

One of my first blogs that disappeared into the ether and was apparently seen by no one!

But I’ve been lucky; I’ve made some online friends along the way who, I hope, would be the kind of friend I’d like to have in ‘real’ life. Some, especially, have been so supportive.


And I’ve tried to help and support in return.

But lately I’ve noticed two things. There have been posts asking for more followers (one in particular was asking to raise the numbers because it was her/his birthday). And the others have been blogs to celebrate that a certain number of followers has…

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5 thoughts on “Blogging – And How I Got it Wrong

  1. You really do have to sit back and have a really good think Karen. I’ve been where you are now and had to make drastic changes ie. deleted blogs, FB etc. leaving me with one blog and G+ (only because my YouTube profile is tied to it). I have unfollowed many blogs and have around 50 now. My blogging “office job” has returned to a manageable level where I am enjoying blogging again. Be kind to ourself and find that balance between blogging & real life.
    Happy Sunday my friend 😀 ❤

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    • You’re so right Ralph! I’m a little stuck with some “Time Vampires” my FB pages and all blogs are tied to my design business and my writing. I have a personal FB and G+ for the same reason as you.
      Part of my trouble is just the mechanics of me. I actually am ADD / OCD and live with severe anxiety and episodic depression. None of that is the worst thing but it does mean I fret (probably needlessly) about keeping up my own content, making quality visits to folks, answering the personal messages and emails. I really want people to like my posts and me – I’m very “Sally Field” in that regard. I don’t want to give or receive meaningless clicks but it’s happening more and more as the best way I can acknowledge folks. I’m afraid if I unfollow that people won’t like me anymore. Weird because I know people do this to me and I know that many of my followers only did so to get a “follow back”. The stats on that prove that I shouldn’t be afraid to say farewell to people who can’t even spare me a click regardless to how I may be supporting them.
      I truly love Hugh’s method of organizing and I think that will help alleviate any silly “guilt” I have about deleting people who don’t ever interact with me and like Judith said, it’s not about threats or anything like that. It’s about spending quality time with like-minded folks and not worrying about popularity or numbers. I’ve already had to put up with that nonsense too and I’m not letting my writing platform become “WordPress High School”.
      Take good care dear friend ❤

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      • Wow, Karin, what a reply !
        You really do have to find that Lara Croft in you and go into your Blogs I Follow with guns blazing. I didn’t like to unfollow (clicking “x”), but for my own sanity and reducing my Inbox emails to a level I could cope with I had to do it.. Once you’ve done it you will feel a lot better. I promise.
        I totally agree, quality rather than quantity. So, lock and load dear friend ❤

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      • I forgot to say that I am behind you all the way Karin. Always remember that if you feel anxious or worried about blogging, many of us have had the same feelings and have been there. I am here if you need a friend to talk to. ❤

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