Colour me in sin
Angel dust
Disguised as lust

Paint me a view
Me and you
Good luck token
Our eyes wide open

Brush me in tones
Skin to bone
A perfect shade
Of love we’ve made

Your tone my hue
An artist’s view
Words I fashion
Abstracts of passion

Painter, Poet Artist, Muse
Love gained, hearts we lose
I pen our Infinity
You paint our Unity

Shade, tone, tint and hue
Hearts of me and you
We blend together
In the art of forever

~ kei
21 August 2015

20 thoughts on “Hue

  1. Hi Karin,
    I loved your poem. I saw a hue recently, beautiful on wood furniture caused by the sun.” Your poem made me remember it.
    I am Janice. I wrote the guest post for Sally about including social shares in your post. Thank you for liking my article on her site. Nice to meet you.


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