I’m just a rebloggin’ fool this weekend. This piece, in all its ocean, male, salty sensuality, speaks to my Atlantic-cradled soul…

Thoughts...exploding in my head

A breath inhaled, the sea impales
It’s glory and might in size
His waves swell, dips into pools
Liquid walls engulf, spinning cool
Rolling in, whitecaps churn a frothy delight
Below the surface, Neptune’s eyes alight
He calms the assault on sandy shores
To a curving wave, gentle as a summers breeze
The ocean licks the earthy taste of man
Covers in an embrace, a new love began
Sloping muscled flesh, with every breath they flex
To touch mortal skin would be bliss and a sin, perplexed
Recedes in ripples, leaving behind his salty minerals
A smear of a kiss that will mark like shimmering crystals
With every ripple back, mermen wait in turn
For another run of waves to crash and yearn


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2 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. I thought I commented but guess not. No sorry Karin. First off. Thank you for the reblog I am honored that you would. Thank you for your continued kindness. I am blessed in your grace and friendship 🙏❤️


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