My case against free books

Couldn’t agree more! I haven’t and won’t offer my books for free.

The 2nd scenario presented by Mariana is one I’ve (unfortunately) experienced. Have any of you experienced this stealth dismissive attitude?

So much I could say on this topic…

2 thoughts on “My case against free books

  1. Well, I haven’t published ever, not even a brochure, part of it’s an esteem issue, most of it is lack of time. So I end up having bits and pieces and manuscripts everywhere. I said all that to say this, if I ever do take that long haul down the road of late night re-writes and editing, there’s no way it goes anywhere for free. I’d rather bore my grand-kids with it someday. That’s my two-bits. 🙂

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    • I was coaxed into it, rather forcefully. My Ex and I co-wrote three books of poetry (not currently available) and I was bitten by the bug. Time isn’t a factor for me, I’m a Mum, was a Wife, work full time, volunteer, had a home and gardens and maintain a small business on the side. I used my “found” time – bus rides, doctor’s offices, lunch breaks at work and of course, not having a television helps I’m sure. And yes, with all that went into these (my Ex couldn’t spell or edit for beans – I did most of his solo books too!), none will ever be free. This is rather snooty but… if one can afford a high-falutin’ $5 coffee everyday, one can afford my blood, sweat and tears! I’d add a “harrumph” for good measure but I’m not a grumpy old man poet… yet! 🙂

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