Ode To Manscaping

 or… That 70’s Brand Name Poem


Disco Dan, the dancing man
Pearl Drops teeth and a QT tan
Seen him once or twice before
In his polyester suit at Studio 54
Better stand back Ladies!
Cause he’ll drive you crazy
He’s a lady-killer, best believer
He’ll give you Saturday night fever
He asked me to do the hustle
Oh Baby! Set fire to my bustle
Look out Girls, this one’s mine
Disco Dan, so mighty fine
He left with me, I won that prize
But later that evening to my surprise
Thought I’d found the perfect love slave
But he hadn’t heard of Phillishave
So I had to set the poor boy wise cause…
His unruly crotchstache burned my eyes
©KbT, September 2011

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