Kei’s Five Beautiful Things ~ 2

In this instant I am perfectly, completely happy.

These are the things that stopped me – if only for a moment – to really appreciate the moment. Five beautiful things.

Happy Monday all!

~ kei
27 July 2015

4 thoughts on “Kei’s Five Beautiful Things ~ 2

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    It’s a holiday here in Ontario – knitting / hooking like a maniac – what else is new?
    I did finally finish entering all my yarn into the Ravelry database and took a photo to mark the momentous event. It’s included in my #keisfivebeautifulthings post from my poetry blog.
    Thought I’d share here with my crafting friends 🙂


    • Hey Dave, glad you enjoyed, smiles. I put an introductory onto the first #keisfivebeautifulthings post. This is my reminder to celebrate fully every moment of happiness. I hope it becomes a habit as easily as slipping into despair did and I encourage others to participate, even if it’s only one thing. Take care 🙂

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