Ice on Heated Flesh (A Duet w/Karin)

Now that I’ve been bitten by the collaboration bug, I love seeing how duets turn out. Whether it’s one that I have written, or others, it’s always fun to see the results of two people working together, especially when their styles can be very different.

Ádhamh graciously accepted my suggestion to try a Mondo form and I am really happy with how this came together. Smooth as ice cream melting in an ON or NC summer, smiles.

Ádhmah’s styles vary but he always “brings the heat” in his choice of theme, If you haven’t read any of his writing, I encourage you to head over there and check him out at:

Here it is and we hope you enjoy it.


7 thoughts on “Ice on Heated Flesh (A Duet w/Karin)

    • Thank you Ax ❤ This was another fun one, it just flowed (no pun) it is crazy hot here in the O-dot though. 29C and 58% humidity, good thing for those ice cubes! 🙂

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