Kei’s Five Beautiful Things ~ 1

In this instant I am perfectly, completely happy.

As balance, normalcy and living without fear have returned to my life, I’ve been most happy to notice the return of my joy in life. The simple happiness that a flower, clouds, asparagus on sale, can bring. I have been capturing them for my personal pleasure but thought I’d share them in this way once in a while.
What has never ceased to amaze me, even in the blackest moments of my life, is how one small thing, can be the thing that allows a better perspective.

Happy Monday all!

~ kei
27 July 2015

17 thoughts on “Kei’s Five Beautiful Things ~ 1

  1. Wonderful! I have the same philosophy…it IS the little things that make our lives so much richer. And taking the time to notice them in this crazy, fast paced world takes effort but is so worth it. Thank you for sharing. Smiles.

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    • Thank you! I’ve been having these moments, laugh out loud, cross the street to smell a rose, dance when a great tune comes over the earbuds and that bubbling up, champagne effervescent feeling is so exquisite… I thought I’d collect a few and share them each week πŸ™‚ Hoping that you’re happy too! ❀

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  2. “one small thing can be the thing for a better perspective.” I liked that.
    Well IΒ΄m happy youΒ΄re happy then!! By the way that almond dark chocolate… wonder your happy

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    • Right?! I lost a fight with the Dairy Queen a few years ago – that Red Queen has NUTHIN’ on the DQ! – I rebelled and pushed because… I’m me but have had to give in. It’s so nice to find products that don’t force a compromise in taste. The protein, calcium and low-fat are just uber bonus!


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