Riding Out the Storm (A Duet w/Karin)

I’m so glad to share this. I love Ádhamh’s style and am so glad he asked me to collaborate on duet with him. We had fun with this one and I think it shows. I hope you’ll all enjoy how we made the most of being “caught in the rain”.
If you haven’t already, please visit Ádhmah’s blog at: https://adhamhwrites.wordpress.com/author/adhamhwrites/, you’ll be be glad you did.
Enjoy your weekend all!

16 thoughts on “Riding Out the Storm (A Duet w/Karin)

  1. Not my preferred genre of poetry Karin but i did read it. It was well written and if I was into erotica I would rank this one near the top. One of these days I’m gonna make you write something with me :P….just not erotica lol

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    • Only near…? I’m kidding and smiling – I debated sharing this on Eclectic. Unless a piece is very mild, I keep those writings on my other blog. I know followers here expect more traditional poetry and writing. It’s an honour to be asked to duet, and I would love to write a piece with you too, genre doesn’t matter to me, smiles.

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