Update on disappearance of the Reblog option on Reader

So, apparently the old saying about “The Squeaky Wheel” is true.
Maybe if we all squeak back, the WP drones will listen. I don’t object to the look of the Reader but it is FAR less functional and I like many, do not have the time for all the extra clicking.
Lets speak up as George did.
If they buggered it up based on the few, they should at least consider fixing it for the many.
~ kei


It’s not something we selected or didn’t select. According to a chat conversation with a nice guru from WP named Drew, we have lost the reblog option on our Readers because they had received negative comments on it.
So much for making blogging and rebloggin/sharing easier.
Apparently it will never come back.

I wasted time expressing myself, so if it seems like I’m not as active as I have been in the past, it’s that it takes twice as much time now to read and reblog/comment as it did before and I am sorry for that. I will try my best to keep up, but time restrictions will prevent that from happening.

I am truly sorry, but this is something I can’t fix or convince the WP.com people to fix either.

Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.

Below is the chat transcript. Drew was nice , but hands are tied…

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15 thoughts on “Update on disappearance of the Reblog option on Reader

    • The look is not terrible, though like the “beep, beep, boop”, it’s juvenile, cartoonish and no longer the clean, calm writing / reading space that I prefer. It’s the lost functionality that irks me. Apparently, WurdPrezz won’t listen, so I’m no longer going to pay for the two sites that I do.


  1. The reader is now a jumbled mess of words. Poems look like one big paragraph, no line breaks, etc. I wrote to WP about this, no answer. My conclusion, they don’t care. I also pay for my site. They should try reaching out to the community for our opinions before they just throw something at us that doesn’t work right! /rant 🙂

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    • I agree whole heartedly. I expressed my opinion but I’m not holding out much hope. I won’t continue to pay for my sites though and I suspect with all the improvements, plus the existing advantages of Blogger (which ironically, I left for WP), there may be people jump ship.

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    • Me too!! What drew me here from Blogger was the clean, professional Admin space. Good fonts, not too much white space, no teeny bopper flashing, beeping and nonsense. There’s a time a place for revisiting your childhood but not here! Now it’s juvenile, clunky and cartoony. I spend less and less time here and unfortunately, just got dinged payment for my blogs but I’m going back to free WP. No sense in buying something that’s dysfunctional, distracting and dumbed down.

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