I Got Nuthin’

… but I did stumble over this in my virtual wanderings. It’s funny and very relevant for me right now. Personally, I’d love if The Gossip got a kick in the arse every time they spread their fertilizer… A girl can dream!

How to Squelch Malicious Gossip: 15 Steps (with Pictures).


9 thoughts on “I Got Nuthin’

    • I thought people would have outgrown this by now, or at least have the sense to talk to the person being gossiped about before they act out. No such respect and thank goodness that people in the real world know me and the truth! I hope your situation will be resolved, it sucks when it just drags on, even when you ignore the source.

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      • What?! Don’t shatter my illusions (rueful smile). I’ve met some wonderful women in my life but when it comes to gossip, my own gender shames me. I suppose though, if all it takes is a snippet of baseless tittle tattle (I love that phrase) to make someone unfollow and treat me like The Plague… I’m better off without anyway.
        I’ve always preferred to act on fact, just a funny little quirk of mine.


      • Mine also is my quirk and I also love the saying title tattle. Some woman can be gossipy as well. I prefer to stay away from it all and shy away from those who make a career of it. I always say their lives must be really shallow to speak that way bout others and yes men can hold a candle to woman for sure. Gay men are also bad for that. Not to cast stereotypes just speaking the truth. Be well.

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      • Sadly, stereotypes do arise from commonalities and yes! I had a wonderful colleague, fun, funny, caring and if there was anything going on in the office, he knew every angle 🙂
        You too my friend, be well.


    • Dearest Elephant you make me smile
      And you know that I have a weakness
      For charming pachyderm poets
      Who write erudite limericks
      And handle haggis with such finesse!


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