8 thoughts on “Aside

  1. Isn’t she great? I just wish they had cast a more passionate type to play her in the movie. The actress had a smidget (sp?) of her intensity. 😦 Love this song, totally her. Haha.


    • Right?! I refused to watch the movie, never liked that actress and couldn’t see her playing a woman who is one of my idols.
      It seemed the only idols who weren’t blue-eyed blondes, were the women of rock ‘n roll, so much more identifiable for me and this song is still applicable for me today 🙂

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      • Yeah you’re right. I remember that time period. She STOOD OUT and was the only dark haired wonder, or just dark. Haha. Right? Yes, Kristen Stewart – that’s her name. O_O The producers were thinking only of how much they would make from her popularity off Twilight. Cuz… she and the other actress that played Cherry? Were DEAD like!!!! Smh. Anyway, Badass idol.

        What do you think about this recent controversy w/ her bandmate?


      • I just read a news clip about that yesterday and felt heartsick. Am I surprised? Not at at, terrible incidents like this are rampant in the music biz and always have been. I wonder about the timing a little and can’t believe any woman would not try to stop this. There are probably facts that are still not out in the public domain.


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