It’s back again! #BeReal

If only that applied to humans and not just memes…

I’m 100% that chick in the photos. No makeup, just the face I was born with.

I’m proud to be one of the few women who doesn’t hide behind a fake name or a faery gravatar. I am Karin Bole Tupper and this is my face. Thank you to my amazing daughter for encouraging me when my upbringing, environment or circumstances, make me feel unattractive or unworthy.

Apparently, I’m doing something right and kisses to one of the two most amazing people on this earth!

#DontJudgeMeChallenge #BeReal

Just Me

23 thoughts on “#BeReal

    • Thank you so much. When I joined here and added my first photo of me, I was almost nauseous. I’m a product of my generation, I guess and will never be a blonde, blue-eyed, Amazon. I never posted my face on my FB until a year ago! Being involved with someone with pathological jealousy issues… I put my foot down here on WP though. For professional integrity as much as anything. ‘Sides… my Mum and my kids follow me. Ain’t nobody gettin’ away with nuthin’ on this blog! Smiles

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      • If your current gravatar is you, I’m sure the rest is lovely! The words you share are, I would bet, a reflection of the inner you and that is lovely too. I would say “supermodel” by that criteria, smiles.
        Take good care. K~xx

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    • I think I’m pretty good underneath but I still worry about this old mug ‘o mine. It just is what it is though 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely compliment and I’m so happy you like the reads. Take care. ~ k

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  1. You’re beautiful! Au naturelle is beauty as it was meant to be. For so many years working a professional job it was just expected that a woman wear makeup. I pretty much limited it to eyes and lips. Never ever liked anything on my face skin just made me feel so claustrophobic.Now I’m retired I never use anything but sunscreen lip ointment when needed. Love your post and your look.

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    • Thank you so much, smiles. It’s taken my entire life for me to be okay with this face. I adored makeup but at present, just can’t be bothered. I’m with you, a dabe of sunscreen and some blistex is my everyday face.
      Thank you again for your kind words, you’ve made my day 🙂


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