It’s always so painfully obvious when a post of this nature is in order.

People do not volunteer negative opinions, slander or lies about another person without some sort of personal agenda.

If you blindly act on unverified information, you do the victim a huge disservice.

Worse, you do a disservice to yourself.

I’m a Law Clerk. Both sides are heard before judgement is passed.
Makes sense, n’est-ce pas?

Beware Of The Half Truth

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    • Ugghh… humans suck. I can always tell when the stink of the past has wafted into my present. Some people are just evil and very skilled at fooling others. The temptation to name names and post the proof is damn near irresistible!


      • People deflect their insecurities and fears onto others. It is a form of passive aggressive bullying. It is much easier to judge others than turning the mirror on yourself. After all, if we push everyone away and have no one to point the finger at, who is left to blame?


      • I wish it were passive aggressive but the culprit was actually very active in messing with my life. It’s why I get a little pissy about married women having online affairs. This one is part of the WP community unfortunately, so all I can do is the same as always, even before her deciding buttfuck nowhere and her big ole goofy husband were boring – oops! All I can do – ahem – is ignore her and hope that people have the intelligence to remember that tattletales are covering their own fat arses.
        Sorry… saw her ugly face once too often today… I’ll go put myself in the corner now, laughing.


      • I understand. I will have to read your other post to get the full background on this story.

        Just remember – if you give people enough rope they usually will find a way to hang themselves.

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      • And Justice for All…? I’m just kidding and trying to add a little humor to the situation. I can see you are upset.


      • No, no. Not upset at all. I can’t make people see truth and if they choose to not ask me directly, there’s nothing I can do. I just hate that they’re being fooled.


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