Oh Canada!

We are celebrating Canada Day and I expect to be away from any electronic distractions and so, a post of my usual ADD / Two AM thoughts / Random about Canada, Canadians and love of place.

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A little bit of sass and humour:

Oh! My baby makes me feel so fine
My crabby but sweet little porcupine
Lovin’ her, it hurts so good
Just like my Mama said it would
Her quills are tipped with Love Potion #9
My prickly and funny valentine
You know I ain’t never gonna leave her
Cause she’s my red and white hot-blooded
All tattooed and studded
Best Canadian Beaver!

Oh Canada…

(Original post on Eclectic, August 2014)


The musical interlude:

The Maple Leaf Forever” should have won but I’ll be belting “Oh Canada” in both official languages.



The true sentiment of the day and a flourish of flag:

I have lived here since the world began and Kanata just a village. I have been a Loyalist. I have been an immigrant. I have been a British Home Child, a War Bride, a disgraced European noble and the Prime Minister of Canada. Every shade of the rainbow and from sea to shining sea…

I am Canadian and Canada is Me.

Canada Day 2013~ kei
1 July 2015


27 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. in 1995 I was on honeymoon with laura in canada ……
    Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Indian reservations saskachtwuan etc if I remember the name.
    but above all else and montreal.
    laura has relatives there, Italian community in Montreal North.
    wonderful country, wonderful people and beautiful spaces.
    karin a kiss …… a kiss to canada
    magnificent country



    • I agree, with a little bias of course :). I adore Montreal and lived there for a short time, my daughter was born there. There is nothing quite like it – so vibrant, so alive, though I love my “little” Ottawa.
      I’m so glad that you both enjoyed your time here, so good to hear.
      A kiss back to you both K~xx

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      • Absolutely! We export the finest in rock, comedy and runway models. Steppenwolf, Tea Party, 54-40, Big Sugar, Heart… Uh oh? Is my music mania showing? 🙂


      • I think we share that passion. I know you said you were into Motley Crue but I am not sure if you are into any other forms of metal. There is a new wave of Canadian heavy metal that is playing a classic metal style (Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden). Bands include Striker and Cauldron.

        I love Cauldron – three piece band with a bassist with who has high lead vocals. Where have I seen that before?


      • I am. Music is a huge part of my life, a little less in this new version but yes. I’ve heard of Striker but not Cauldron, I’ll have to check them out. Our local scene here has so much amazing talent, it’s been hard at times to pick which venue if three friends bands are playing gigs all on the same night 🙂


      • Sounds like a great environment! Wish I could partake!

        Definitely check out Cauldron! They are definitely my favorite of the new wave of bands in that style! They are from Toronto.

        They have a bit of humor in their music too. Their first full length LP was called “Chained to the Nite.” Songs included “Chained up In Chains” and a cover of Black n Blue’s “Chains around Heaven.”

        The guitarist’s name is Ian Chains. Winner. The former drummer’s name was Steelrider. Either you are a heavy metal drummer with that name or you are in porn. Again, winner.

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