This headlong rush
This tumble
Into the two of us

This falling down
This trip and dance
Into the new of us

Out of character
To make a first move
Nothing to prove
Just a tidal pull
A patchouli, pheromone command
This phone and your number in my hand
I push
Those waves, those bandwidth waves
And a glowing apple moon
And I am not me, I am she
Calling you to me
Connection irresistible
Who knew a first move could make me feel
So very
Deliciously disreputable

~ kei
29 June 2015

7 thoughts on “Impulsive

  1. AnElephantCant tell you how sad he is
    He has cancelled his highland fling
    He is sitting at home
    With no inclination to roam
    AnElephant is still waiting for his phone to ring


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