His Hands

She wonders what his hands are like…
Are they big hands? Strong hands?
Long tapered artist’s fingers
Or the strong blunt fingers of the artisan?
She wonders are they a little rough…
Are they working hands? Finely shaped?
The palms roughened by finishing the floor
Maybe there are scars? Shop class mishap?
Maybe a long ago burn from the first time
He tried to bake a cake for someone special
She knows they’ve gently held a newborn
And been steady and unfaltering in the line of duty
She wonders if they hurt in the cold sometimes
Like hers do and if he bites his nails. Mostly though…
She wonders how it would feel to have his hand in hers
What his palm would taste and feel like to her mouth
She wants his hands to ask what only her body can answer

~ kei
18 June 2015

Shivers In His Hands

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