Dear Authors: Don’t Respond to Goodreads Reviews

Reviews. Want ’em, love ’em, get ’em.

This author writes a brilliantly funny piece about how NOT to respond to negative reviews based on a recent debacle on Goodreads. You may pick up some tips about how to deal if a “big stupid butt-face with a butt for a face” poops on your pages.

Dear Authors: Don’t Respond to Goodreads Reviews.

I have to say I agree with many of Brenna Clarke Gray’s coping strategies. Well, except for kicking trees. Maybe kick your neighbours retina-rodgering collection of lawn ornaments… 😉

I welcome reviews if you happen to grab one of my book offerings – just don’t make me cry or get arrested for kicking over lawn ornaments.

~ kei
15 June 2015

9 thoughts on “Dear Authors: Don’t Respond to Goodreads Reviews

  1. Wow, was the author twelve? :/ I have been spoiled by my reviews to date, but I fully expect to see a bad one eventually. I hope it will be constructive. As for commenting on a review…we have blogs for that. (and I would totally tell my mom)

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    • Right?! My Mum might have to be restrained from eviscerating anyone who was crappy to me but she is a constructive critic. That dude was whack and more power to the critic for keeping her cool throughout. 🙂

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      • I think constructive criticism lends to helping authors, and individuals, grow within themselves.

        Name-calling and other childish behavior only seeks to put petulant insecure individuals on a throne of false pretense.


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